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We believe in exceeding expectations

• Absolute Fairness
• High Ethical Standards
• Educate the Client Regarding the Process
• Utilization of Competent Professionals
• Effective Use of Technology

The Intrust Vision...

to be recognized as the preferred company to increase public confidence in the insurance industry by achieving fair settlements for claims in dispute.  We specialize in resolving losses through consulting, insurance appraisal, and other provisions of your policy.  We strive to keep our clients (insurance companies, business-owners and homeowners) protected from unwarranted financial loss. 

We achieve this goal by implementing the highest level of ethics, professionalism, and conscientious negotiating.

We support the interests of our clients through the reporting of factual data, case-law (when applicable), accurate scope-development and detailed estimating.  Our approach is to instill confidence, relieve anxiety, communicate clear expectations, and educate the client (insurer or insured) on the Appraisal process. 

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Who We Are...

Intrust Claim Servicing, Inc. is a national independent insurance appraiser and umpire services firm.  We are expert-qualified to analyze and handle insurance claims that present a settlement dispute. 

We educate our clients (insurers and insureds) on the Appraisal Process as defined per statute in the state of the loss, and the Appraisal Clause in the policy in force at the time of the loss.

How We Work...

First, we define the Appraisal Clause according the state in which the loss occurred to determine if it is subject to state statute, policy language, or contract law. 

The Appraisal Clause was implemented in 1943 in the New York Standard Fire Policy.  Appraisal was (and remains) specifically designed to protect the insurance company from unnecessary exposure, while protecting the consumer (insured) from unfulfilled settlements.  The process of Appraisal is also designed to keep loss disputes out of the courtroom arena; thereby creating an efficient settlement process.  

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